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Dimitri and Rose (Danila Kozlovsky and Zoey Deutch)

#VampireAcademy; #Romitri; #RoseHathaway (Zoey Deutch); #DimitriBelikov (Danila Kozlovsky) #VA

Poster Dimitri Vampire Academy movie

||Fc: Zoey Deutch|| Hiya. I'm Elizabeth Barton. Lizzy for short. I'm 18 and I'm the biological daughter to Hawkeye. I'm wickedly smart and stubborn. I'm also manipulative, clever, sarcastic, and loyal. I'm also really good with a bow. I'm actually a bit younger than my adopted brother Kyle by a couple months. I'm okay with computers but not as good as Kyle. I'm really good friends with May and I tend to disobey my dad and brother's wishes about staying on the sidelines.

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Zoey Deutch as Rose Hathaway from VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

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