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I think his ponytails is my favorite style cause I blush every time I see him with one

39 Totally Legit Struggles Of Being A One Direction Fangirl

Hazz :D

For those wondering if Harry colored his butterfly tattoo, no he didn't. It's probably photoshopped. I checked on twitter and his tattoo is still the same.

Harry Styles Lockscreen — ctto: @stylinsonphones

One Direction : Fabulous Magazine, les nouvelles photos dévoilées !

Harry Styles

Harry Styles | ctto: @stylinsonphones Más

Happy Birthday to the one and only crazy, cat-loving, extremely handsome HAZZA! Love you Haz and I hope your 20th is a great one! <3

mm the bandanas and plaid are back. And I use to dislike when he wore bandanas but that looks so good