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Wonpil - its almost unreal looking at any photos of them playing or singing.... cause they are so embodied by their music. Its kind of poignant in every one I see. Idk how to really put it into words. [credit on photo | twitter] #DAY6 #Wonpil

leada #day6 #sungjin “day6qhqh | do not edit.”

I am heartbroken over the news that Junhyeok has left Day6 & even more distraught over the possible why! How those fans could even call themselves a fan is beyond me. AS A FAN YOU SUPPORT YOUR IDOL/BIAS/GROUP NO MATTER WHAT... You do not have to agree with a personal lifestyle or choice, but you should love them and stan them because of their talent and not rumored love/dating life. Precious Junhyeok, I hope you still continue your dreams and pursue a music career. The world of music needs…

Young K Teaser Image | DAY6 Official Twitter | DAYDREAM #DAY6

Day6 | I just came across their song 'Congratulations' and I listened to it and found myself starting to wonder who this group is. I am loving the vibe from them and their songs

Dowoon Teaser Image | DAY6 Official Twitter | DAYDREAM #DAY6

Jae | DAY6 MY BABYYYY u guys gotta follow him on TWITTER manss HILAROUS

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