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Explorez Kairouan Minaret, Matiere et plus encore !

Mosquée de Kairouan, minaret 836 Kairouan Tunesië


Mezquita de Cordoba (Great Mosque and Cathedral), Cordoba, Spain

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Marrakech Medina

Koutoubiamoskee minaret ca 1125 Marrakech. Ronde en spitse hoefijzerbogen enkele en gekruiste lobbogen.

Poi Kalyon: "The Poi Kalyon square is the star in the Bukharan sapphire, the beating heart of the Old Town, and the visual high point (both literal and metaphorical) of the city’s skyline. The name, which means ‘at the foot of the Great’, is derived from its place at the foot of the Kalyon Minar (the Great Minaret), the tapering, mud-brick tower which rises gracefully some 45m above the city." Uzbekistan: The Bradt Guide

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Cairo (القاهرة)

Minaret of the Mosque of Ibn Tulunmoskee 1296 gerestaureerd Caïro

Dome of the rock, Jerusalem, Israel This is significant because this is where Muhammad died. This is also where they say he descended to heaven. This still stands today.

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Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba

The great Cathedral-Mosque La gran Mezquita-Catedral Córdoba - Andalucia - España

Medenine (Arabic: مدنين‎ Madanīyīn) is the major town in southeastern Tunisia, 77 kilometres south of the port of Gabès and the Island of Djerba, on the main route to Libya. It is the capital of Medenine Governorate. In pre-colonial times, Medenine was already the most important trading centre in the south, attracting merchants from all over North Africa and even from Bornu, to the south of the Sahara. The Ksar housed the central granaries of the various nomadic Berber tribes of the region.

Samak & Laban - Sidi Bou Said - Tunisia by M. Khatib, via Flickr

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Bardo National Museum in Tunis – Part 2

Bardo National Museum, - Tunis, Africa