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Noah's Ark found. Great Evidence.

The Negev Desert, possibly more than any other part of Israel, is the land of the Old Testament. Beginning with Abraham in the Book of Genesis, many biblical tales featuring Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, and Jacob took place in and around the desert and its main city – Beer Sheba. The Caananites, Edomites, Nabateans, Philistines and other tribes mentioned in the Bible also resided in the Negev Desert. For this reason, important trade routes like Via Maris and the Spice Road ventured through the…

Noah's Ark Overview

The genocide Socialism of Stalin in Ukraine - Ukrainian children famine :( Lenin said: "Land, Bread & Peace!" So, what happened here! Answer: millions of dead through enforced famine.

The Discovery Of The Ark Of The Covenant! - Amazing Claim! - YouTube | Would love to view the area ....

The Great Bible, the first sanctioned Bible in English translation (1539). On the title page, Henry VIII, now head of the English Church, distributes the Word of God to clergy and laity, while a grateful populace shouts “Vivat Rex” and “God Save the Kinge”

Noah's Ark found. Great Evidence.

Borsippa or ‘Birs Numrud’ - The modern day Tower of Babel ruins, on the outskirts of ancient Babylon (modern Iraq) are currently 150 feet above the plain with a circumference of 2300 ft. When translating the inscription found there, the Greeks used the word Babel for Borsippa, which means Tongue-tower. About 1,600 years after creation of the original tower it was rebuilt and an inscription written by the King of Babylon was placed there...

Noah's Ark found. Great Evidence.

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