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English vocabulary - Class commands

Fun Thanksgiving Poster to display. Give one to your kids and have them write Thanksgiving stories using the words on the poster. FREE

Kitchen Science For Kids { What will freeze first

Science you can do in your kitchen using what you have on hand!

Use this Bloom's Taxonomy Quotation Quiz with any quotation or lifted text.

Persuasive Writing- Teaching Thesis Statements with Movie Trailers

In persuasive writing, many students have trouble writing a clear thesis statement on what their essay is truly about. In the lesson Teaching Thesis Statements with Movie Trailers, students get to break down what is actually involved in a thesis statement and what happens when the statement is vague- as teachers we feel that we get misled often!

Word Wall Cards Feelings Words

Are you tired of the same boring feelings vocabulary your students are using in their stories and reading responses? Use these 70+ feelings vocabulary word cards to help your students move past "happy," "sad," and "angry." You'll be THRILLED you did!