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The Amir Chakmak Mosque in Yazd, Iran. The stunning three-storey facade of this Hosseinieh makes it one of the largest such structures in Iran. Its rows of perfectly proportioned sunken alcoves are at their best, and most photogenic, around sunset when the light softens and the towering exterior is discreetly floodlit... Read more:

Mellat Park Cineplex / Fluid Motion Architects

Mellat Park Cineplex / Fluid Motion Architects - Tehran, Iran

Maker(s) & Production: Unknown, potter, Iran, probably Iran Production Note: Most likely Il-Khanid but some characteristics, notably vessel shape and water weed exterior design, can be dated to Seljuk period Collection: Henry Scipio Reitlinger Category: fritware (stonepaste) Name(s): bowl Islamic pottery; category underglaze painted ware; category Date: circa 1200 — 1399 School/Style(s): Il-Khanid; Seljuk

Babel Tower: A Kinetic Mirrored Ziggurat Reflects the Surrounding Iranian Landscape

Iman Maleki painting

Iran, Tepe Hesar, 2179-1900 BC.painted rim sherd. a pattern is painted on the exterior ca 2179-1900 BC Pennsylvania university museum. "Virtual Museum of Iran Art / موزه مجازی هنر ایران" Page on Facebook.