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xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust...- VINTAGE CHINESE CLOISONNE INCENSE BURNER
Brûle parfum tripode en bronze doré et émaux cloisonnés
Chinese Blue Glaze Porcelain 3 Legs Incense Burner
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Vintage Bronze Incense Burner (8511)
Brûle-parfum couvert en bronze doré et émaux cloisonnés <br>Chine, dynastie Qing, XVIII<sup>E</sup> siècle | lot | Sotheby's
Very Rare Bronze Relief  Incense Burner / Qing Dynasty  http://www.artfact.com/auction-lot/a-very-rare-bronze-relief-longevity-aromatherap-86-c-327ffc7594
Brûle parfum couvert en bronze doré et émaux cloisonnés de forme Ding
A Chinese Cloisonne Censer, likely Qing Dynasty, the censer mounted with handles in the form of a sinuous dragon with back turned head and bifurcated tail, the body of the censer enameled with lotus bearing meander on a turquoise ground, with shaped cloisonne top and custom hardwood base, the base of the censer restored, appx. 12 in. W, 12 1/2 in. H. on base.