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Unique, contemporary handmade silver sun pendant necklace, embossed pendant, quirky pendant, retro pendant, round pendant, space pendant

Unique, handmade silver ribbon design pendant. Modern pendant on silver snake chain. Contemporary, minimal quirky pendant, wave pendant

Unique, contemporary, handmade silver ribbon design pendant, minimal quirky pendant, wave pendant, modern pendant on silver snake chain

Mathilde Quinchez-Elytra

Contemporary silver moon pendant, handmade unique pendant, sparkly space pendant, cosmos necklace, quirky pendant, silver star pendant

Mathilde Quinchez-Elytra

Galaxy stud earrings, silver swirl earrings. Handmade, contemporary, embossed, quirky earrings. Unique stud earrings; minimal disc earrings

Handmade, contemporary, Galaxy stud earrings, silver swirl earrings, minimal disc earrings, embossed, quirky earrings, unique stud earrings

Mathilde Quinchez Inspired by the lines found in nature, and more particularly by seeds and cocoons - Necklace

Contemporary silver scarab embossed pendant, futuristic necklace, on silver chain. Handmade, ruby red gem insect necklace

Unique, handmade, contemporary silver scarab pendant, futuristic necklace, embossed pendant, insect necklace, red gem necklace, silver chain

Handmade, contemporary silver sun earrings, unique stud earring, embossed earrings, retro earring, circle stud earring, minimal earring

Contemporary, handmade silver moon earrings, embossed earrings. Unique stud earrings, geometric studs, funky stud earrings, quirky earrings

Contemporary handmade silver moon earrings, unique stud earrings, funky stud earrings, embossed earrings, geometric studs, quirky earrings