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U.S. President George W. Bush looks at a model of the World Trade Center as he meets with rescuers at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center after a memorial service in New York, November 11, 2001.

September 11, 2001: President Bush's reaction as he flew over Ground Zero.

Portraits d’Indiens d’Amérique

Navajo woman & baby. The structure of Navajo society was largely a matrilineal system in which women owned livestock and land. Once married, a Navajo man would move to live with his bride in her dwelling and among her mother's people and clan. The children are "born to" and belong to the mother's clan, and are "born for" the father's clan.

A statue by sculptor Don Sottile in Westfield, New York memorializes the Feb. 16, 1861 meeting between President-elect Abraham Lincoln and Grace Bedell.

Standing Holy, the daughter of the medicine man Sitting Bull.

LAST ONE -Ami Rope smile Necklace

Necklace by Homako via Etsy, love it its so different!

Dress 1842 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Les stars enfants : c’est pas toujours glam

Hillary Clinton

Police Officer Moira Smith was among the first to respond to the September 11 attack at the World Trade Center on and was last seen evacuating people out of Tower Two, saving hundreds of lives. Described by the Daily News as having “the face of an angel and the heart of a lion,” Officer Smith was posthumously awarded the NYPD’s Medal of Honor, the department’s highest honor.