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Archaeologists are calling them the Nazca lines of Kazakhstan – more than 50 giant geoglyphs formed with earthen mounds and timber found stretched across the landscape in northern Kazakhstan. Th

Nazcar Lines - Heron Bird

Akhenaton et le culte d'Aton

Cette célèbre tablette représente notamment le pharaon Akhenaton en adoration devant Aton, le disque solaire dont partent des rayons terminés symboliquement par des mains. © DR

The Nazca Lines Etched into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a series of ancient designs stretching more than 50 miles has baffled archaeologists for decades.

Owner: Josephine Bonaparte Nécessaire de toilette de Joséphine, par Félix Rémond (Malmaison)

Above Cusco, Peru at a elevation above 12,000 feet sits the ancient fortress of Sacsayhuaman, whose immense stone walls may hold secrets that predate the Incas themselves. Some of the stone blocks are estimated to weigh well over 100 Tons.

Archaeologists in Spain have made a number of discoveries inside an ancient cave in Catalonia which suggest that Neanderthals had hot water and separate living quarters around 60,000 years ago. 

An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners

Ancient Art Built out of the Landscape

Geoglyphs: The Atacama Giant: Geoglyph of Cerro Unita, commune of Pozo Almonte, Chile.

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