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Unfollow*** i support equality 100%

Voyageuse, photographe, passionnée d'outdoor, suivez les aventures de Maider du Pays Basque au bout du monde ! Un blog voyage entre étrange et étranger.

Beslendiğimiz neyse ona dönüşüyoruz. Ya bir insana ya bir canavara...

Feminists are out of control, men are generally stronger than women. Seriously, why not allow someone stronger to do it? So what if he's only stronger because he's a man? It's been scientifically proven that men are physically stronger so just shh<....This makes me laugh. So this is why Feminist are "out of control". Okay....

My English test today mentioned "Gregg and his boyfriend," and I smiled like an idiot. It's the first time I've seen a gay couple in a test question #progress

30 Inspiring Smile Quotes

No matter what never forget to smile, Here are Inspirational quotes about smile that will help you smile and be happy more often

Society: Be yourself Society: No, not like that