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Marie Antoinette meets sportswear… et ce portait ! La juste dose de romantisme et de look urbain, vraiment j’aime beaucoup !

Astrid Bergès Frisbey is one of my favourite beauties in the world. She really portraited the role of mermaid very beautiful and good in Pirates of the Carribean 4

Character: Imogen. She always dresses a little too warm when she leaves on a mission. It's an old superstition lost to time, though the habit has stuck. Romulus does it too, though Remus doesn't. He just packs more clothes into his suitcase (which is bigger on the inside). (6)

à partir de Marie Claire

Tendance maquillage : des muses et des marques

Such a classic look. This is an appropriate look for anywhere or anytime, and for any age. To achieve this perfectly defined lip you must use a freshly sharpened lip liner pencil. Then using the same pencil fill in the lip.

Bira Tate (Voice) 18 years old. oldest one in the group. kyo's possible love interest.