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179. Tassili n'Ajjer (1982)

Célèbre peintures rupestres préhistoriques du Tassili n'Ajjer, Algérie Banque d'images

Humanity's forgotten return to Africa revealed in DNA - life - 03 February 2014 - New Scientist

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Human Evolution Poster

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Les gribouillis de l’homme de Java

Les gribouillis de l’homme de Java 500000 ans ! Homo Erectus Article Passeur de science

8AA. Model of a neanderthal woman holding a baby, Naturkundemuseum in Stuttgart, Germany -- “'I am grieved to report,' Ebra said, making the customary gesture of sorrow, 'Iza’s baby is a girl.' But the news was not received with sorrow. Brun was relieved, though he would never admit it... Creb was not only relieved, he was overjoyed... And for the first time since they moved into the new cave, Iza could draw a breath free of anxiety." A week later, she is named Uba. p.112-3,131

Anahita - The goddess of fertility and birth. Anahit is identified with Artemis and Aphrodite. "Great Lady Anahit", one of the most loved and honored goddesses, was often sculptured with a child in her hands. This Goddess displays her role in supporting life on earth. Circa 1200 A.D., Seljuq Dynasty, Iran.

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A New Human Ancestor Arises From The Depths Of A South African Cave

The announcement of a new species in our genus is means our ancestral tree is now much larger. But where exactly Homo naledi fits in is still up for debate.