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A collection of the best Lesson Plans for Drama teachers available online.

Free Printable Tongue Twisters for Drama Class Improvisation | Theatre Teacher Resources at

Structure of Greek Tragedyand the Role of the Chorus What you need to know when reading Oedipus Rex

Fun, printable lists of suggestions that may be picked out of a hat, inspiring students to create their own mixed-up fairy tales!

I love doing this with my first graders. Each table does it with a different color piece of paper and then they share them and create Eric Carle Style Collages of animals and write stories about them!!!

~NEW DRAMA ACTIVITY~In this lesson, two students learn about the importance of…

Idées D'Anniversaire,Idées De Travail,Rencontrer Jeux,Idées Scolaires,Anniversaire,Activités,Formation,Projets,Teambuilding Workshop

Eight poems full of sounds and tongue twisters for students to perform in small groups.

CIEP_LangueFrançaise on

"Le français, votre atout"

Zero planning time. Print and leave for a sub. Energize your class with a lesson they will LOVE. Make a Friday 'Grab Bag' ritual. Reward students for good behavior. This is a must-have for drama teachers!