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Sidelining The Side Effects: Sore Mouth. Some chemotherapy can have terrible side effects on the mouth, causing canker sores and overall discomfort. Radiation to oral areas is also a major cause of difficulties in chewing and swallowing. Here are some basic tips for those undergoing treatments.

Pineapple Paradise Spinach Smoothie

A sweet and fruity spinach smoothie filled with golden pineapple and smooth avocado. Pack more fruits and veggies into your diet every day!

Smoothie à l'avocat, épinard et sirop d'érable

Green Smoothie with Avocado, Spinach and Maple Syrup Recipe

What you eat and drink has a significant effect on the blood’s capacity to support a strong immune system, so you want to make sure to ingest things that keep the blood clean and responsive.

vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes

Healthy meal on the go (quick & easy

OATMEAL, PB, BANANA... SO GOOD A KID-FAVORITE! Quick, easy, healthy... On the go recipe... TAKES UNDER 2 MINUTES.

Choc Avocado Smoothie

Healthy Smoothie

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25 Quotes about Strength

J'ai survécu parce que le feu qui brûle en moi, brûle plus ardemment que le feu autour de moi.

8 Anti-cancer Juice and Smoothie Recipes

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