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if you had him at home, would you ever leave the house?!

I'm not sure who this is, but I love him for obvious reasons.

10 choses que vous ne saviez (peut-être) pas sur Kit Harington

Kit Harington in Pompei....

Hugh Jackman - l'album du fan-club

posing senior guys in a studio - Google Search

lords of dogtown. into the wild. alpha dog. 3 of the greatest films I've ever seen. he's my #1 crush over anyone EVER. he makes all the other male actors look like boys. <3

Patrick Dempsey pour Versace : les photos de la campagne

so handsome...a well dressed man with a head full of dark hair...phewww will always get me!!! Every time!!! lol

Leonardo Di Caprio - A true acting powerhouse. He's come along way since Winslet could have made room for him on that wooden panel.

TOP 20 des mecs les plus sexy de 2012

Bruce Wayne, Batman, Cowboy, Jack Kelly, Thomas, Alfred, CHRISTIAN BALE!!!!! And that's just to name a few!!!