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EMMY - A1056371 - - Manhattan **TO BE DESTROYED 11/10/15** BEGINNER-rated EMMY is a trusting young mama who has shown stellar behavior since coming to the ACC, even though she must be concerned about the safety of her little family. Yes, she came into the ACC system with her babies, Peyton and Cecil, the whole crew carried in after hanging out in the finders’ home for a week. As nice as EMMY is, she almost sounds like that person’s own pet…..and as is wid


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Un refuge pour animaux met des chiens dans un photomaton pour les faire adopter ! Les photographies sont juste excellentes !


SAFE - 11/25/15 - PEPSI - #A1057325 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 11/25/15***PEPSI is a 1 and a half year old who came into the ACC as a STRAY. Scared at first but quick to warm up to the assessor and tolerates all petting and was easy to handle.

PULLED BY THE ANMAL HAVEN - 11/14/15 - CHIMERA - #A1057122 - - Staten Island **TO BE DESTROYED 11/12/15** KAPPA and CHIMERA are two adorable kittens who need a HERO to spring them from the ACC, tonight! T

PULLED BY FELINE RESCUE OF STATEN ISLAND - 11/27/15 - LOUIE - #A1058617 - - Brooklyn **TO BE DESTROYED 11/25/15** PREGNANT MAMA NEEDS A NEW HOPE RESCUE TONIGHT! LOUIE is a sweet but scared year-old kitten who is pregnant with kittens of her own. She was brought from a hoarding situation, to the ACC, which is a definite case of “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”

PULLED BY AMSTERDOG ANIMAL RESCUE - 11/21/15 - TO BE DESTROYED - 11/21/15 - **PUPPY ALERT** - LILLIAN - #A1058099 - Urgent Manhattan - FEMALE WHITE/BROWN AM PIT BULL TER MIX, 11 Mos - STRAY - NO HOLD INTAKE 11/16/15 DUE OUT 11/19/15 - CAME IN RIZZO #A1058102

TINY - A1037252 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/10/15*** CHARMING TUXIE GIRL, DUMPED FOR “PERSONAL PROBLEMS”, HAS A LOVING VOLUNTEER PLEA AND A GREAT BEHAVIOR RATING, BUT WILL DIE BECAUSE SHE SNEEZED – PLEASE GRANT TINY A DEATH ROW PARDON!!! Terrific TINY, a four-year-old gray tuxie lovebug, was dumped into the kill-happy ACC due to the “PERSONAL PROBLEMS” of her old family. Tiny quickly caught the eye of an ACC volunteer, who writes: &#822

MISTY - A0989562 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 07/08/15***ADOPTED AS A KITTEN, RETURNED TO ACC WHEN HER FORMER FAMILY WERE EVICTED! MISTY’S former family won’t be killed for being homeless, but this sweet girl will. She lived with and got along children, and was noted to be playful-she’s only a little over of a year. MISTY GOT A NEW HOPE RATING THAT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR BECAUSE SHE WAS AFRAID AT ACC! This is not uncommon, the hissing is because she’

MAN - A1040178 - - Brooklyn *** TO BE DESTROYED 06/23/15 *** IS SEVEN YOUR LUCKY NUMBER?? FELICIA & MAN HOPE SO!! They are two of a group of nine cats that were surrendered for TOO MANY PETS!! Well, that’s not their fault….BOTH of these cats are fixed and have nice AVERAGE ratings….they are not happy at the shelter having lost their home and their cat housemates…PLEASE SPEAK UP FOR THESE TWO MATURE NICE CATS NOW!! They only have until noon tomo