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The Ohia Lehua by eyeofeinstein: The flower of the Big Island grows on trees up to 98' tall. Legend has it that Ohia and Lehua were young lovers who were separated by the volcano goddess Pele when Ohia rejected Pele's advances and was turned into an Ohia tree. Heartbroken, Lehua was turned into a flower and placed into his branches by other gods. To pick a flower is to separate Lehua from Ohia and fills the sky with tears which fall as rain. http://hawaiianflower.org/ #Ohia_Lehua…

Red Poppy. Traditional flower of remembrance on Memorial Day.

Camellia sasanqua #flora #flowers pinterest.com/nasti

Gum Blossoms by aussiegall

Coquelicots #provestra

'William Morris' David Austin Old English Rose

Sea Lilies

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