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A Canadian company called Conquest Vehicles, which manufactures ultra-luxurious, fully armored, handcrafted sport utility vehicles is producing the military-inspired Knight XV seen here. The massive, nearly ten-ton vehicle was built from the ground up using high-grade steel, ballistic aluminum and other fun compounds; the doors are so heavy they require special hinges to support the extra weight.

Conquest Knight XV. One day I will own one and it will be my zombie apocalypse vehicle.

Photo en taille réelle

I am so getting one(when i hit the lottery jackpot) ~ conquest-vehicles-evade-gear-patrol-lead-image

VBL (Vehicule Blindé Léger) french "Light Armoured Vehicle"

The Growler, the Marines' answer to a transportation question first posed in 1999.

How about this for a "Bug Out" vehicle?