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There’s No Such Thing As ‘Trans Enough’ – And Here’s Why, by Ronnie Ritchie. "If someone comes out to you as trans, your job is to affirm and validate – not argue. Otherwise, you look like this. With Love, The Editors at Everyday Feminism"

Gender roles are pumped into us from birth. Dismantle! Destroy! Create new! Transform!

Gender Grammar: the correct way to refer to transgender and intersex people and why, from Trans Student Equality Resources

Gender euphoria is a concept that was made to be the opposite of gender dysphoria and describe the strong feeling of happiness that trans people experience when they’re being treated as their true gender. For some people, this feeling can be an indicator of being trans. Please reblog to support the use of this term! PROMOTE GENDER EUPHORIA

Meet The Woman Who's 'Decolonizing' Body Positivity For Women Of Color

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How to make love revolutionary

What People Say To Gender Nonbinary People Vs. The Subtext We Often Hear

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VICTORY: Transgender People Can Now Change Their Social Security Record’s Gender Identity