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imagine dragons smoke+mirrors - Căutare Google

their concert was amazing. it gave me chills and I'm just so so happy I got to go. Dan has the deepest thoughts. XD ILY IMAGINE DRAGONS. btw I have like no voice from screaming All of their lyrics at the top of my lungs.

My Fault - Imagine Dragons. Favorite song by my favorite band <3

imagine dragons smoke and mirrors quotes | imagine-dragons-dan-reynolds-smoke-mirrors.jpg

imagine dragons - gig poster algo con la sombra! como seria esa sombra

Oh my gosh that is so true I do that all the time

This song reminds me of the hunger games I know it was made for the host or was in the trailer but it always makes me think of catching fire/mocking jay don't hate me host fans

Imagine Dragons Wallpaper NV ~AT