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Silver - Läby, near Uppsala, Uppland, SWE (SHM 131)

Drinking horn, mouth mounting - Silver. Grave find, Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden. SHM 34000:Bj 523 Viking.

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Unique Viking Silver APPLIQUE Amulet Mjölnir Thor's Hammer 8th AD (988-)

Unique Viking Argent Applique Amulette Mjölnir LE Marteau DE Thor 8th AD 988 | eBay

Silver - From Bredsättra, Öland, SWE (SHM 101)

Una, viking inspired costume, by Lorliaswood

Viking age / Silver pendant / Uppland

The runestone is an important runestone from about 200–450 CE. It bears runes of the Elder Futhark, and the language is Proto-Norse. It was discovered in 1627 in the church yard wall of the church in Tune, Østfold, Norway. Today it is housed in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

horse-shaped brooch from Birka (Historiska Museet)

Anthropomorphic pendant. The Vikings, X century. Silver, gold plated.