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Ask - Question #132 by GingaAkam on deviantART

Ask - Question #35 by GingaAkam on deviantART

Jeff the Killer and the Japanese Smiling Woman (she's an urban legend in Japan)

Ben Drowned by T-Time07 on DeviantArt

Like Corpse Party, with lots of gore!<<<< OMG yesss I would watch the hell out of that

I'll go! *waits until 11:59* *rushes in* TIME FOR THE FUN TO BEGIN! *casually sits in the office chair* You animatronics think I'm afraid of you?! HA! BRING IT ON! I DARE YA!

Bloody Painter by DeluCat on DeviantArt


Jeff The Killer by Likesac on DeviantArt

Une série de photos insolites et drôles qui risque de vous étonner ou vous faire rire. Cette nouvelle compilation regroupe 51 images drôles et insolites du web. Vous pouvez revoir la série précédente d'images insolites.