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Un virus mortel probablement transmis par des tiques

Ce nouveau virus mortel appartient à la famille des thogotovirus présents en Europe, en Asie et en Afrique

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Bourbon, le nouveau virus mortel découvert aux USA

Bourbon, le nouveau virus mortel découvert aux USA :

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8 Celebrities Touched By Lyme Disease

Alec Baldwin - Few details are known about the actor's Lyme disease, but he told the New York Times that his symptoms are chronic and return annually. "At the same time of year, I get really tired," he told the paper.

Electron microscopic images of novel Thogotovirus isolate. Filamentous (A) and spherical (B) virus particles with distinct surface projection are visible in culture supernatant that was fixed in 2.5% paraformaldehyde. Thin-section specimens (C and D), fixed in 2.5% glutaraldehyde, show numerous extracellular virions with slices through strands of viral nucleocapsids. Arrows indicate virus particles that have been endocytosed. Scale bars indicate 100 nm.

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Federal health officials detail new 'Bourbon virus'

Health officials named the virus after the Kansas county the patient hailed from and they're investigating how lethal and widespread it is.

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Another Reason to Avoid Ticks

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Ahead of Print -Coccidioides Exposure and Coccidioidomycosis among Prison Employees, California, United States - Volume 21, Number 6—June 2015 - Emerging Infectious Disease journal - CDC

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US authorities discover deadly 'Bourbon' virus

The virus -- named "Bourbon" after the county where the victim lived -- is part of a group of viruses known as thogotovirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a statement