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A four-case lacquer inro and box netsuke en suite Meiji period (late 19th century), Japan, signed Zeshin (Shibata Zeshin; 1807-1891) Decorated in polychrome takamaki-e with scenes of implements for the first tea event of the New Year (hatsugama), including the basket with charcoal, tongs and feather on one side and fresh-water container, tea bowl and whisk on the other side, and with plum branches in bloom, all against a brown-lacquer ground; with box (hako) netsuke decorated in matching…

Hatsugama 2016 Kiara, me, Karla, Michelle, Ana Chloe; Jan, Janelle, Margie; Connor, Sean, Beau & Barbara

Stewed Aburaage and Minced Chicken (Hatsugama Tea Ceremony Cuisine) Recipe - Very Delicious. You must try this recipe!

chanoyu nouvel an TENRI

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