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Le conchyliologiste universel Paris :A. Franck, libraire-éditeur,1845. / Sacred Geometry <3

The prime spiral, also known as Ulam's spiral, is a plot in which the positive integers are arranged in a spiral with primes indicated in some way along the spiral. In the above variation of the Ulam spiral, red squares represent prime numbers and white squares represent non-primes. / Sacred Geometry <3

Fougère / Fern - Inspirations, Idées & Suggestions,, Atelier de paysage Paris, Stéphane Vimond Créateur de jardins en ville

Shadok,Composeur,Ricard,Idées De Logo,Andrew Evans,Geometric Sketch,Loopy Grid,Impact Waves,Grid Don'T

Pentagonal Grid Evolution, via Flickr.

A manual of the Mollusca :.London :Virtue Co.,