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A bee colony under an old couch...resourceful little honey girls!

I love the way this beekeeper has used an old hollowed out log to house a colony of bees by adding a plastic busket to the inside to make it easy to remove honey comb with out destroying the hive.

** Isolate the queen, and no matter how abundant the food or favorable the temperature, she will expire in a few days from lonliness. [Maurice Materlinck - The Life of a Bee

Bokeh Lens Effects and Depth of Field used as refrence for computer generated images, renderings and compositing. Visit my Online Portfolio here -> Please Share, Re-Pin and Comment! #Bokeh, #DepthOfField

Bees © Éric Tourneret. A perfectly symmetrical royal cell hangs head down from a comb. This cell has not yet been sealed by the bees and one can see a six day old larva exclusively feeding on royal jelly.

Anatomy Of The Honey Bee

Here, the bees are rearing up two new queens in those cells- maybe their own queen is getting old. They always rear more than one "just in case".....but a colony can only have one queen. so when both emerge, either the workers choose one out and only feed their chosen queen, starving the other, or....they fight to the death.

.A Brazilian beekeeper has an unexpected assistant: a donkey named Boneco (who has his very own safety suit and protective mask).