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An old clock is pictured at the plant of th Bodet company on March 26 2014 ... JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD Collection: AFP 2014.

CONCEPT ART & SITUATIONS by Alexandre Chaudret, via Behance:

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Illustrations by Niel Quisaba

Time 2?

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The 2013 sketchbook is the third and the latest sketchbook produced by Kim Jung Gi. The book is packed with amazing sketches, mainly character art. Most are line art, a few paintings. There are also many point of view sketches and concept art throughout the book. Most of sketches are drawn with amazing perspective distortion.

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steampunksteampunk: Pig Fish Illustrations by...

What is there are two worlds of Venice? One that's above water, and one that's below?

There's a story to go with this picture, that much, I'm sure of, now to figure out what it is!