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Foxy and Mangle: huuuuug Time! by Aldin1996 on DeviantArt

Mangle + Foxy by on @DeviantArt

✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime. . .bunny girl. . .rabbit ears. . .pajamas. . .roomwear…

One of the few things id actually ship is foxy and mangle

Image via We Heart It #nightmare #scary #fnaf2

Balloon Party by Darkpaw2001 on DeviantArt OMG SO CUTE! except for balloon boy. EVERY ONE HATES U, BALLOON BOY!!! SCREW U!!

(Open rp for anyone, everyone is welcome, I'm mangle) "mangle" he said (someone could be"him", could be anyone, just as long as it's FNAF) "what happened to you? You're fixed" "It's not mangle!" I snapped "they stopped repairing me, so I repaired myself" (plz join :p)