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Dogs that detect Epileptic Seizures - Part 1 | Extraordinary Dogs

Dogs that detect Epileptic Seizures - Part 2 | Extraordinary Dogs

Cheetah and Cub (Acinonyx jubatus). Young cheetah cubs have a dense mane of light fur that extends partway down their backs. Some biologists believe that it may resemble the fur pattern of the Ratel, or Honey Badger, a bad tempered weasel like African animal, thus lending some protection to the cubs from other predators.

Cancer detecting Dogs - Part 1 | Extraordinary Dogs

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Top 12 des photos de l’amitié entre un chien et une chouette, la « bro attitude » inter-espèces

Your differencies should not stop you to become friends

Cancer detecting Dogs - Part 2 | Extraordinary Dogs : Ethologie : Livres

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Seizure Dogs A "seizure dog" is one that has been specially trained to live and work with people who have epilepsy. Some are trained to bark and alert the parents when a child is having a seizure outside or in another room. Some lie next to a person having a seizure to prevent injury (as seen in this demonstration). And some work has been done training dogs to warn before a seizure occurs. This gives the person time to lie down or move away from a dangerous place such as a hot stove