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Ciao Italia ! L'expo qui nous botte — Serengo
TAN LEATHER STRAPPY WEDGE SANDALS W/ STRAW DETAIL The essential summer shoe!  Tan leather strappy wedge sandals, size 8.5!  Heel is about 4 inches high.  Very comfy to walk in. The straw detailing on the front of the sandals and on the heels is a fun touch. Like new condition, no wear on the bottoms of the shoes.  Brand is Ciao Bella. Ciao Bella Shoes Heels

Tan leather strappy wedge sandals w/ straw detail

Gómez Naharro - Bella Ciao with lyrics - When learning a people's language its always good to learn one or more well known songs. Bella Ciao was sung during WWII and is about the partisans fighting against Hitler and Mussolini. Not the best musical version, but the best with captions in Italian so you can learn the Italian lyrics.
July 21, 2015: "The Greek Crisis: OXI and Bella Ciao in Syntagma Square." Photo by Stephanie Sadler

The Greek Crisis: OXI and Bella Ciao in Syntagma Square