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Gives me the w I l l I e s ...vintage medical apothecary cupping jars

Cannabis Tincture (they were wrong about "poison" though; Cannabis is one of the least toxic substances around).

Pair of Lambeth Pottery London Delft drug Jars c1720; Also on my wishlist!

Cabinet de curiosités… - Aujourd'hui comme hier

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Frontal sinus transilluminator, from Joseph D. Bryant and Albert H. Buck’s American practice of surgery, 1906

Apothecary Jar - Dragon's Blood, circa 1900. Clear glass jar containing Dragon's Blood used in the pharmacy of a mental health hospital, Victoria, Australia, circa 1900. Dragon's blood is a red resin prepared from fruits of climbing palms (Daemonorops draco). Used medicinally for the treatment of diarrhoea and severe syphilis. Collection: Museum Victoria (Many people institutionalized in prior centuries had dementia or psychosis caused by untreated syphilis.)