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Red Velvet Ant Interestingly, this ‘ant’ is actually a wasp from the Mutillidae family, which include over 3,000 different species. The females are wingless and resemble giant ants made of red velvet.

Bugs in Pictures: Incredible Insect Macro Photography

As annoying as they can be, sometimes a fly's iridescence is irresistible. This shiny fly is a perfect example, looking jewel-like in greens and golds. But, if you just can't stand them, here are 7 natural fly repellents that will keep them from buzzing to close.

tiwago: Trachys troglodytiformis Obenberger, 1918 by nikolarahme on Flickr.

Singapore Botanical Dragonfly .

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Dragonflies . . .When I was small--I thought they were fairies in disguise. What a beautiful design of nature. Love the color scheme, too. . .photo by Sylvia Iilova.

Feuille de marche vert lumineux réel mimiques encadré insecte 7981

ladybugs! Did you know farmers love them for their appetite. Most ladybugs voraciously consume plant-eating insects, such as aphids, and in doing so they help to protect crops. Their coloring is likely a reminder to any animals that have tried to eat their kind before: "I taste awful." A threatened ladybug may both play dead and secrete the unappetizing substance to protect itself.