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Key (Kim Kibum) SHINee

Whaaaa Key's got a gun! I know I know he's rehearsing for...... Bonnie and Clyde! Um' what are his other musical's let's see well it's not 3 Musketeers they use swords. It's not Zorro either again sword. It could be Catch me if you can but I don't remember FranKEY having a gun. That leaves Bonnie and Clyde!


keke Key and Taemin are posing like some trolls keke and they have them creepy looks on their faces keke but UMMA AND BABY is cute~!! ^^ keke

Key ♥ I need to cheer myself up, sigh I'm listening to SHINee and making a pinata:) Yeah a pinata for a friends kid's b-day party. it's fun and messy but I'm taking breaks to ogle Key. I just need happier looking photos to help me out esp' of him doing that cute thing he always does BRB:)

SHINee Key.....I have to watch some SHINee variety shows, so I can figure out if my bias is really KEY! I want him to be, but I refuse to choose on a superficial basis. Just because KEY is so Hot so handsome is not how I choose. The celeb's personality, talent then looks:) Well at least this homework is fun:) I didn't know K-Pop was going to be this much fun!

Key! <3

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