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Painted limestone kneeling statue of Yuny. New Kingdom. Ramesside Period. 19th…

Egyptian Queen Meritamun’s cedar coffin from her Deir el-Bahari tomb had been desecrated in antiquity and re-bandaged during the 21st Dynasty; The queen’s body shows that although she had died a relatively young woman, she had suffered from both arthritis and scoliosis; 19th dynasty, Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Gold of Ancient Panama...Gold Seahorse,circa 13 AD. Gilcrease Museum

Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Reign of Amenhotep II–Thutmose IV ( Limestone, paint) The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Face from coffin, detail. Carved gilded wood, depth, 7.5, cm, length, 16.6, cm, width, 11.9, cm. 1186 B.C. — 1069 B.C., Twentieth Dynasty.

Funerary stela of "follower [of the king ?]" Megegi and his wife Henit. First Intermediate Period, 11th Dynasty, reign of Intef II, ca. 2059-2051 B.C.


The Gayer-Anderson Cat, Egypt, 600 BC, British Museum's collection

Belt leopard heads of Princess Sithathoryunet, 12th Dynasty, reign of Sesostris III or Amenemhet III, Egypt, el-Lahun, grave Sithathoryunet.Or, amethyst, diorite. L. 81 cm © New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gold necklace from the Egyptian Nineteenth Dynasty This collar was found in an unfinished chamber in the Valley of the Kings, KV 56, with other objects bearing the names of Ramses II, Seti II and Tausert or Tawosret The filigree collar is composed of pendants in form of lilies, which alternate with small balls. All the components are made of gold. Another group of components of the same collar is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.