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Season in Review by Teehan+Lax Labs. Baseball is different from the other big North American sports - it’s slower paced, has a long grueling season, and celebrates its love affair with data and statistics. So we thought to ourselves, could we create a memento to a season that captures all the drama, struggles, and highlights? That's what we set out to do.

ORIGINAL Smithsonian American Art Museum database containing 100s+ of documented artwork and information about them

simc - an interactive city model control surface

Emoto Data Sculpture - Visualising the emotional response to the Olympic Games London 2012

Experiencing Abstract Information: Water Pollution. How to present information in the right way? This video shows an in depth view of one of...

Max Planck Research Networks Author(s): Moritz Stefaner, Christopher Warnow Year: 2011 URL: http://max-planck-research-networks.net/

The great Chinese magazine IDN called us to create the opening for its new DVD, attached to its print version. The main topics of its 19th launch were mappings, projections, 8bits and pixels, and we decided to put everything together inside a blender and to start mixing! The result was a Latin-American cocktail, highly explosive, full of color, and with a great rhythm thanks to our Daft Plenty VJ! It was the nice challenge. With a very little time we had to improvise and make something ...

Physical cartographic visualizations built by geographer Wolf-Dieter Rase

Know Your Place - T Wei

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