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Me : harry !? Harry !? Harry!?... Harry: what ? It names ? Me : yes me ! Harry : the house is beaitiful ohhhh Haha 13.01.15 17h

Harry in london today :) one direction are in Indonesia and I'm king London next week,ahhhhhhhhh

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Découvrez les manip de Harry Styles en mode Dunkirk par les Directioners, c'est GRANDIOSE !


I truly believe that this picture didn't get enough buzz. So I'm bringin it back. For one thing, Harry Styles and a dog. Adorable. For ANOTHER thing. A snapback... not a fedora or farmers hat. And then... How could we forget.... HIS MUSCLE TONE HAS INCREASED BY LIKE 2858639757%. WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS. HIS BICEP/CHEST/PEC/SHOULDER AREA IS MASSIVE. HE LOOKS SO MANLY. HE IS BUILT. <<< COULD YOU SHUT UP IM DYING HERE

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Harry Styles s'éprend une nouvelle fois pour l'objectif en break On The Road Again à Hong Kong !


don't know how exactly i've pinned the same pic of haz like this one. guess i need to pin every pic with different angle of haz in that hairstyle wearing those outfit.

Guys Harry's doing that thing with his face again that makes my bones melt tell him to stop

Pinned this before and I'm pinning it again because its the truth