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In this compelling volume in the What Everyone Needs to Know series, Paul Waldau expertly navigates the many heated debates surrounding the complex and controversial animal rights movement. Organized around a series of probing questions, this timely resource offers the most complete, even-handed survey of the animal rights movement available. The book covers the full spectrum of issues, beginning with a clear, highly instructive definition of animal rights.

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One voice for Animal Rights

Ask anyone who has owned a pet and they’ll assure you that, yes, animals have personalities. And science is beginning to agree. Researchers have demonstrated that both domesticated and nondomesticated animals—from invertebrates to monkeys and apes—behave in consistently different ways, meeting the criteria for what many define as personality. But why the differences, and how are personalities shaped by genes and environment?

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This book reviews the most important recent findings of the studies on pathogenic E. coli providing a timely overview of the field. Topics covered include: epidemiology of the disease in humans and animals and the biological mechanisms that shaped the pathogenic types of E. coli; shiga toxins; subtilase cytotoxin; cell cycle modulating toxins; the heat stable and heat labile enterotoxins;

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Fight for Animal Rights - its hard, but you may just find your soul

This third edition of Growth of Farm Animals consists of 352 pages and 19 chapters wherein sections from each chapters have been updated. A new chapter (12th chapter: Growth of Avian Species) has been added and a previous chapter has been divided into two chapters. The core remains largely unaltered because it contains, on the whole, immutable facts and principles established over a long period of time.

I never hear much about Animal rights in Elections.. Why is that?

The output from world aquaculture, a multi-billion dollar global industry, continues to rise at a very rapid rate and it is now acknowledged that it will take over from fisheries to become the main source of animal and plant products from aquatic environments in the future. Since the first edition of this excellent and successful book was published, the aquaculture industry has continued to expand at a massive rate globally and has seen huge advances across its many and diverse facets.

Legal animal rights | Direito dos animais contemplados pela legislação