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Men of SS-verfügungstruppen Regiment “Germania” most likely in the lowlands of France during Unternehman Fall Gelb.

Major General Erwin Rommel, and an early Panzer IV (Nº321) of the 7th Panzer Division in France, May 1940.

German paratroopers, Crete, 1941

thebeautyandthehorror: “ A Tiger I of PzAbt 502 advances on a road through a Russian village near Leningrad, 1943. ”

A propaganda poster promoting the League of German Women. "Covenant German Model (?)"; basically what every German woman should ideally look like.

Norwegian WW2 - Nazi propaganda "Loyalty is your duty"

PzKpfw IIIs and IV`s of the 5th Waffen SS Panzer Abteilung , and infantry of the Waffen SS Division Wiking , entering Rostov in July 1942

The Renault FT 17 was the only ww1 tank being able to operate on messy terrain.

Freezing German - This photo was taken in early 1942 Cholm on the Eastern front, German army suffered heavy losses in the Russian winter due to a lack of appropriate winter clothing.