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II Guerra Mundial on


A German machine-gunner at Kharkov, Russia. 1943.

German soldier and his dog.Russia 22 December 1943

An Allied soldier firing his Thompson from a house in Cupa, near the Gariglaino River in Italy. 15th November 1943. (Colourised by Doug)

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World War 1 American Soldier Wearing Gas Mask vintage print

World War 1 saw the birth of poisonous gas used in warfare, with it first used by the Germans against the Allied Forces. As this had never been seen before during war, the design of Gas Masks for mili

Lauban, Silesia. March 1945. Towards the end of the War, boys as young as fourteen were pressed into service by the Germans. These lads are carrying Panzerfaust anti-tank weapons. Designed to be cheap and easy to mass-produce, more than six million Panzerfausts were produced in the space of three years and were often given to young boys and old men in case they happen across a Russian tank. The effect of a penetrating hit on a tank by a Panzerfaust would be a most unpleasant experience for…

German MG-42 machine gun positions near Stalingrad 1942

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The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

1945 — V-J Day in Times Square

Boys Hitler Youth Uniform 1930