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Devastation of the city after the Warsaw Uprising - Hitler swore that he will turn Warsaw into another Carthage. After the war entire Polish population help rebuild the old town. Ancient city plans and Canaletto's paintings were used to restore Warsaw to its pre-war glory.

Four Japanese transports, hit by both U.S. surface vessels and aircraft, beached and burning at Tassafaronga, west of positions on Guadalcanal, on November 16, 1942. They were part of the huge force of auxiliary and combat vessels the enemy attempted to bring down from the north on November 13th and 14th. Only these four reached Guadalcanal. They were completely destroyed by aircraft, artillery and surface vessel guns.

['War' by Steve McCurry]: "Afganistan"

Shots of World War II (some of the Pacific, some Europe)

German paratroopers, Crete, 1941

German soldier`s comb the Westerplatte , after it was surrendered to German unit`s - from the Schleswig-Holstein landing crew - on Sep 7 1939 . Fewer than 200 Polish soldierdefended the small peninsula , holding off the German`s for seven day`s. soldat allemand peigne la Westerplatte, après qu'il a été remis à unit`s allemands - de l'atterrissage équipage Schleswig-Holstein - le 7 septembre 1939. Moins de 200 soldier`s polonais défendu la petite péninsule, tenue hors du German`s sept `s de…

39 Members of the French Army man an acoustic locator device on January 4, 1940. The device was one of many experimental designs, built to pick up the sound of distant aircraft engines and give their distance and location. The introduction and adoption of radar technology rendered these devices obsolete very quickly. (AP Photo) #

Often, animals had special protection built for them for the brutal air-raids that took place during World War II. Here, a large snake at the Regent Park Zoo (in London) is placed for safe-keeping in a box built for housing the snake when air-raids take place.

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