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For those seeking travel adventures, Girl Scouts offers experiences for both domestic and international travel.

Boy Scouts love building fires. They can learn how to be safe around planned and unplanned fires by earning the Fire Safety merit badge. The ability to use fire safely is essential to human survival. By earning this merit badge, Scouts will learn to uses fire safely and responsibly, how to prevent home fires, and how to handle fire safely, as well as burn prevention, and camping safety.

Boy Scouts of America Climbing Merit Badge

Boy Scouts Camping Merit Badge

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Genealogy Merit Badge Pamphlet

If you know a Boy Scout with a coin collection, have him look at the requirements for the Coin Collecting merit badge. Coin collecting is one of the oldest of all hobbies. Hoards of ancient coins found in excavations indicate that coins were one of the first collectibles. From earliest times, people valued coins not only as a means of trading and storing wealth, but also as miniature works of art.

Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts