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Even on my grumpy days. Yes, I enjoy seeing u. If someone asked when my favorite parts of the day were, I would say every time I get to see my boyfriend. Who is really so much more than my boyfriend, he's my best friend my listener my soul mate who I couldn't live a day without, yes justin I'm talking to you.

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Some say the eyes are windows to our souls. I disagree. Much can be deciphered when someone smiles. I can't get enough of an adorable smile!

Question : Quelle est la différence entre ces trois notions : la perversité, l'injustice, et l'hypocrisie ? Sont-elles combinables entre elles ? Cheikh Al Fa...

Demande-toi si ce que tu fais aujourd'hui t'amène plus près de ce que tu veux être demain.

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This is so true... Intimacy is far more powerful than pure sex in certain situations.... Try it!

Seriously guys, most of the time she probably does. Go for it... If you tell me how long you've liked me and i like you then...