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sailor made knife with a fancy rope work hilt and longer than usual blade of 9 14 inches. The blade and 2 inch false edge are sharpened to an extreme. The hilt is covered with woven rope to prevent slipping and embellished with a Turks Head at each end, all painted brown. There is a long lanyard out the end to keep the knife from being dropped. The original hand tooled leather scabbard has a small atoll with large palm tree and single native figure on its face. All the metal work

Couteau pliant marin ancien pour collection 1

Colonial Knife 1758 Traditional Sailors Knife with Marlin Spike

This 14 inch knife is much longer than what would normally be used by a sailor, and more than likely, may have been used as a fighting weapon. The lanyard would be helpful when climbing in the rigging to board another ship, but the length would be a hindrance when doing general work aloft. The significance of the design on the scabbard is unknown, but speaks to the tropics.

Le hamac est encore utilisé dans les marines de guerre du XXe siècle. (© DR)

Immersion en mer - Le peintre ISABEY a représenté la cérémonie d'immersion d'un officier mort au combat sur un vaisseau du Roi,l'aumonier dirige la cérémonie

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