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SHOEBILL - Mabamba swamp, Uganda Standing more than three feet tall, the prehistoric-looking shoebill is unlike any other bird you’ll ever see. Take a dugout canoe through the Mabamba swamp where the success rate for good sightings is above 80 per cent. They aren’t a particularly nervous species, so once your guide finds one you should be able to observe them for some time.

Codex on the flight of birds. Leonardo da Vinci

Paon Vert de Java (Paon spicifère)

Vintage Bird Classroom Posters by peonyandthistle on Flickr.

The Naturalist, Washington, D.C., circa 1915. "Child with birdcage." A budding Audubon with her notes.

Female Ptarmigan by David C Walker 1967 on Flickr.

Central Island National Park (Kenya Wildlife Service - KWS)

Islet in the middle of Lake Turkana (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kenya - The most saline of Africa's large lakes, Turkana is great for the study of plant and animal communities. It serves as a stopover for waterfowl and is a major breeding ground for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of snakes. The Koobi Fora deposits, rich in mammalian, molluscan and other fossil remains, have contributed more to the understanding of paleo-environments than any other site on the continent.

Uganda ~ Fisherman with wild fish

Malawi's Mumbo Island

Lake Tana is wide but relatively shallow, and home to unique species of birds, fish and other wildlife. Spread out in its 2,000 square kilometers are 37 islands and 20 Coptic monasteries. Monks and island dwellers can still be seen poling across the still waters in traditional papyrus boats called Tankwa. Ethiopia