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Virginia Pilot Boat design?-early-pilot-schooners-off-new-york-about-1795-george-tobin-painting.xa-.jpg
Le Dourduff , réplique d’un cotre pilote de la baie de Morlaix, construit aux ateliers de l’enfer à Douarnenez
Spirit of South Carolina
Goélette de l'Ecole Navale "ND d'Etel", ex-goélette-pilote allemande de la mer du Nord.
Marie-Fernand | Cotre-pilote de 1894, classé Monument historique | http://www.chasse-maree.com/numeros-51-a-100/1081-chasse-maree-n-81.html
"Pilot Schooner off a Larger Vessel," Charles H. Woodbury, etching on paper, 9 1/2 x 11 1/2", private collection.
Tom Hoyne Boston Pilot Schooner Sailing Sailboat Print
Take a beautiful 2 Hour Sail Around New York Harbor on a historic 1885 schooner! Offering afternoon & sunset sails.  See the sights of New York Harbor from the decks of the historic 130-year-old schooner PIONEER. The vessel, first launched in 1885, was built as an iron-hulled sloop to carry cargo along the Delaware River and was even featured in the pilot of Boardwalk Empire. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner, afternoon snack, beverages or a bottle of wine to enjoy on your sail
Petrus Weyts (Flemish, 1799-1855), attributed to - Ship Portrait of the American Bark MANUEL ORTIZ, Otto F.N. Raven Commander passing Flushing 1850 – the vessel under full sail off Vlissingen with the pilot schooner "Antwerp No. 2" and a second view of the bark beyond.