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In his 41 w/Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has created, and immortalized on record, rock's greatest single body of riffs—including the fuzz-tone SOS/uppercut power chords/black stab/strum & slash. Richards is not a fancy guitarist; his style is a simple, personalized extension of his teenage ardor for Chuck Berry/Muddy Waters/Howlin' Wolf. Richards is routinely hailed as the most indestructible of rock stars, but he credits his music with giving him life. --Rolling Stone

As a guitarist, he was even more inventive, mastering country, jazz and classical styles and perfecting the ability to play chords and melody...

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger at Stephen Stills’ house in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles, California, where they are rehearsing for their American tour, October 1969. © Terry O’Neill.

Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) at Woodstock, 1969. R.I.P.

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David Crosby & Neil Young | 1969, San Diego-- David Crosby, Neil Young, and Stephen Stills. Crosby ...

David Gilmour with... looks like Roy Harper

David Gilmour

Deep Purple - Vocalist Ian Gillan on stage in Clemson, South Carolina, US, 1972

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