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KATHARINE PARRE, QUEEN of ENGLAND (The sixth and final wife of King Henry), William Scrots,1546, detail

Katherine Parr, Sixth Wife of King Henry VIII...

Does anyone know this portrait? Queen Elizabeth I, according to the link, dressed up in a rather Spanish 17th century Saya.....

Catherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII

Charibert I (c. 517 – November or December 567) was the Merovingian King of Paris, the second-eldest son of Chlothar I and Ingund. His elder brother was Gunthar, who died sometime before their father's death. On Chlothar's actual death in 561, the Frankish kingdom was divided between his sons in a new configuration. Each son ruled a distinct realm, which was not necessarily geographically coherent but could contain two unconnected regions, from a chief city.

Catherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII

Jane Seymour's (Queen of England, 3rd wife of King Henry VIII) wedding dress. You can see King Henry's wedding outfit too.

Agnolo Bronzino - Eleonora da Toledo and Her Son, 1545-50, detail

Thomas Seymour, brother of Jane (third wife of Henry VIII), uncle of Edward VI, married Catherine Parr (Henry's sixth wife) shortly after Henry's death.