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How to draw a rose - Start your lesson by drawing a circle for the corolla and a small line for the stem. Next, add the sepals and the leaves. Now, it's time to draw the petals. This is the most difficult part. As you can see, the middle of the rose is made of a circular shape. Just try to draw this shape just like I did. Don't forget to add more petals around it! When you are finished, just add the color of your choice.

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Wild #5 illustration©emmanuelle colin C'est les vacances, alors je dessine pour moi! Ça fait du bien. Petit croquis de recherches toujours dans la série "Wild child"

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I know mos of the drawings I'm pinning are not realistic, but if I can get these with The, LORD's help, then I will be very happy! He has already helped me with a lot of these drawings I have done. And I Praise, Him. :-)

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